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Auto Transport Guide

  • Though shipping your car to another city through the services of a professional auto transport company might cost you more than if you drove the car yourself, sometimes it is worth the worry and tension which is involved in doing it your self. Of course, when you are moving overseas, you have hardly any option but to take the help of a car moving company.
  • There are basically two ways by which your car moving company can transport your car. Either one of their drivers drives it to your new home or transports it via truck. The cost involved for shipping your car would depend on the type of services you choose. Here are some basic information about auto transport which will help you have an idea before you ship your car:
  • Research holds the key in selection of the right moving company of your car: There are innumerable auto transport companies working through out the country and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Remember, low cost does not always guarantee best of service. If you have short listed a few auto transport companies, after scanning through the Yellow Pages or after gathering information through the internet, it is always wise to check the company’s credentials from the Better Business Bureau. This cross-checking is important since it will immediately reveal whether there have been any adverse reports recorded against the company. Searching through Better Business Bureau registers you can know whether there have been any unresolved or unsatisfactory resolutions of customer grievances. Of course every company will have a few unhappy customers but the whole idea of searching the credentials of a company is to check whether those customer grievances were resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Depending on the type of feedback that you receive you may resolve not to use the services of an auto transport company.
  • Most auto transport company will give you the dates of pick up and delivery. If the dates are not suitable for you, you could ask them to store your car for a few days. But before the auto transport company actually picks up your car, they would do a thorough check of the condition of your car and submit a report. This repot is to be signed by you, t confirm that you agree with their findings. Hence it is important for you to be physically present while they check the exteriors as well as interiors for any chip, dent or any other internal problem. In case there is any damage during transit this is the record which will be reviewed by your car insurance company. This report will also contain information about the record of mileage, gas gauge, etc.
  • Before your car is picked up by the auto transport company, you also need to remove all removable fittings as well as all your personal belongings from the car as the transport company will not take the responsibility of these items. Once your car is delivered to its final destination, you should take time to inspect every section of the car to check on any damage, dent, etc. Remember to do this before you sign your final settlement papers.

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An affordable car moving service will help you to move your car quickly and safely to the destination. It is not easy to move your car to another city if you have to move to a distant location, and it is even more difficult if you have more than one car.
It can be expensive to ship a car with your other belongings, because a car weighs a lot. It is preferable to look for a professional car moving company that will pick up your car, load it on a car hauler, and deliver it to the destination.
To get free car moving quotes from the best auto shipping companies in your area, please fill out our short form. You will receive car shipping quotes from reliable auto shippers in your area, within one business days.

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